Friday, July 1, 2022

About Elite Affairs

Published in June 2020, Elite Affairs was born to shed light on noteworthy
stories and achievements in the black community in the United Kingdom. It
was conceptualized by a young African British female entrepreneur, Rita Osa,
the first daughter of Nigerian veteran journalists, Augustine Madu-West and
Theresa Madu-West. Known within the Afro-Caribbean events and
entertainment industry as a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert, Rita Osa
assembled a team of journalists and authors to create a magazine where the
real picture of Africans and Caribbeans in the UK would be presented to the
world. The focus of the magazine is the celebration of the Afro-Caribbean
Cultural Identity. We strive to showcase inspirational, helpful, and thought
provoking articles in business, entertainment, community, politics, lifestyle,
and more. Welcome to a platform where untold stories are told, a place where

business and customer connections intertwines, but most importantly, a place
where you can be you….


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