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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has hastened the move to
digital shopping among UK consumers. Consumers formed new buying habits
during lockdown and it has been said that these behaviours are set to continue
beyond 2020, as the UK high street is unlikely to fully recover.

The UK lockdown which took effect from March 23, left the UK population
incapable to shop in-store which made Digital retail a necessity for many.
According to Emarketer (2020), the growth in retail eCommerce will spike this
year, followed by a slight recalibration in 2021 and strong growth thereafter. It
is expected that eCommerce will account for an ever-greater percentage of
total retail sales.

Although lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, digital Buying habits have
taken Hold of the consumer psyche and due to these physical retail sales to might
not reach pre-pandemic levels again. Most of these sales were executed
through consumer mobile devices and this continued importance of mobile
applications will become apparent through 2024, by which time eCommerce

will account for one-fifth of total retail sales. Ecommerce is currently not just
the best, but the biggest evolution of digital media and there are technologies
being implemented, developed and tested on day-to-day to ensure that
eCommerce evolves further than it would ever be. Now more than ever
business is now expected to transition into the tech realm.


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