The mental state of health of every human being can be determined to a large extent by the clothes that they wear, or better still, by their appearance or outlook.

An insane person for instance needs no introduction as everyone will be cautious not to move close to him. Even someone that is hale and hearty can be mistaken for an abnormal person by his or her outlook.

When the red carpet host popularly known as Denrele was narrating his story on a television show some time ago, he talked about how people mistook him for a mad man because of his way of dressing. But to him, he was only creating a brand by dressing with torn and patched clothing and outrageous hairstyle. He even went on to say that about the time he started his trademark appearance, whenever he boarded a commercial vehicle, the passengers would all come down just because they thought he was mentally unfit. Whenever he stopped a commercial motorcycle, they would dodge him because they mistook him for something else.

The normal reaction of people at first contact to anybody whose mode of dressing is far below or above the norm is to first and foremost take a second look of admiration or disgust (as the case may be). It is until the sanity level of such has been determined before others can be comfortable around the person.

Sade Akinosho, a UK based Fashion Designer stated that, you can actually influence success by what you put on first thing in the morning is not a new concept. She went on to state that, when we think about 80’s ‘power dressing’ trend, or any changes in women’s wear throughout history for that matter, it becomes clear apparel for ladies reflected their lifestyle and professional success alike. However, in this day and age that brings us a wonderful yet daunting amount of variety it makes sense we question ourselves – what does it mean to dress for success?

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Luminous soft yellow tiered skirt featuring 22 meters of flowing high quality tulle that will
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