Why is it the case that Black and Ethnic Minorities (BAME) are more affected
by COVID19? No one right now can factually say why but all indications show
that BAME are most affected going by statistics available but the reason this is
the case is not known yet.

What have we known so far? There are a few plausible theories; some are that
there are real risk factors in exposure to infection which springs up the
differences in occupations; the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says that
“some ethnic groups may be over-represented in public-facing occupations
and may, therefore, be more likely to be infected by COVID19.
Institute For Fiscal Studies (IFS) pointed out that some ethnic groups maybe

over-represented in health and social care, which may carry a greater risk of
exposure to the virus, It also notes that the demographic profile of COVID19
victims were likely to change as deaths in hospitals dropped but remained high
in residential care homes, where the population is overwhelmingly white
whilst Public Health England (PHE) says BAME people may be more prone to be
infected because they are more prone to have higher-risk jobs and to live in
deprived areas and overcrowded households.

PHE other reports which are also in line with other studies say that the increased
risk of dying could be driven by higher rates of underlying illnesses like
cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Some critics have said that the reports should have done additional

investigating the possible role of structural inequality in increased
mortality among ethnic minorities which is well thought of.
We will carry on monitoring this process until the whole facts are known.


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